CORK Living Showroom

The fit out concept for the 350sqm show room was a real challenge.

We designed for two related but independent operations, Merus and Cork; One is a private holding company with a corporate practice, while the second is completely the opposite being open to the public and of a commercial end promoting and selling design pieces in furniture and accessories from a select number of international design brands.

The space of the shop has approximately 8m of street frontage and more than 25m of depth, which allowed us to generate a fluid skin acting as the ceiling of the space wrapping the main entrance and connecting the visitor to the deep end of the space culminating in a 5.5m high showroom space. Cork being a signature material for the leading displayed brand, was immediately adopted for this skin, especially that its sound absorbing quality as well as its humidity regulating capacity were ideal for such a function.

Very simple display systems, whether on walls or on loose tables, complement this showroom.

On the opposite end, the offices on the Mezzanine are treated as completely neutral white spaces, especially considering the limited 2.4m clearance. The spaces are defined without being closed using glass panels and glass doors, while private functions are concealed in the enclosed zone along with the main staircase up.

These two functions have different expressions on the outside elevation as well, while the access to Merus is through a well defined box connected to the facade floating above the sidewalk, the access to Cork is through an equally transparent door, flush with the glazed skin of the shop.

Two connected spaces, two identities, and two interdependent but separate functions.